Qnectus Private Cloud Services – Enterprise Solutions Designed to Meet Even the Most Stringent Demands

Qnectus Private Cloud Services are tailored to leverage all of the traditional benefits of the cloud, while exclusively dedicating physical infrastructure to a single end user.

Qnectus Financial is well-suited to design, deploy, and the manage (if desired) private clouds for financial institutions of all kinds. Providing all of the benefits of a typical Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) infrastructure, but without requiring either the utilization of shared resources or the outsourcing of the management of the system, Qnectus Financial’s private clouds are custom-tailored to meet even the most stringent demands of an end user.

Points of Interest

Private clouds come in a variety of forms so as to meet the unique needs of a given financial services provider. Some points which may be of particular interest:

  • Hosting of the requisite IT resources may be handled either internally or externally
  • Managerial control of the system may be maintained either internally, externally, or by multiple parties
  • All hypervisor, operating system, and presentation software options available on the market may be utilized
  • Special privacy, security, or compliance concerns may easily be addressed