Qnectus Cloud Desktop – Leveraging the Cloud to Simplify IT

Qnectus Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) delivers desktops and applications on-demand to every user anywhere, anytime.

Qnectus Financial offers an enterprise-worthy Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) product of unparalleled quality and value. Providing all of the benefits of a typical desktop infrastructure, but without the costs and/or risks associated with a customer selecting, owning, and managing the requisite physical resources in-house, our DaaS service dedicates computing resources to a customer–resources which are located in a centralized location (a SAS 70 Type II datacenter)–which are accessible via a standard Internet connection from any type of smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or thin client device.

What’s Included?

Our offering is highly-customizable to the unique needs of the end user, but standard offerings typically include:

  • Latest version of Windows OS
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Hosting of all needed software packages
  • Hosted E-mail (Exchange Server)
  • 15-day rolling data backup
  • Storage Space
  • On-demand remote technical support

Why utilize our DaaS offering?

Cost Benefits

  • No upfront investment in hardware (e.g., servers, personal computers) is required
  • Redundancy prevents downtime or interruptions in service which can threaten sales and/or impede productivity
  • Predictable monthly costs per user prevent spikes in capital expenditures associated with replacing obsolete systems
  • Technical support eliminates the need to invest in either full- or part-time employees
  • All software downloads or updates can be performed remotely which prevents the costly need for IT support to manually perform this task on (many) individual computers
  • Easy addition or removal of users allows for quick and painless adjustment in response to changing economic conditions, seasonality, and/or other factors

Convenience Benefits

  • Desktops can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection (e.g., smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or thin client)
  • Desktops are completely customizable to fit the unique needs of different customers
  • Desktops include the ability to support a fully-distributed company through collaboration applications such as unified messaging; real-time presence; and/or audio, video, and web conferencing
  • Desktops can connect employees and other stakeholders across the globe-—with little to no added cost

Data Integrity and Security Benefits

  • Customers have access to best-in-class firewall protection, encryption, virus protection, and other security measures
  • Computing resources are maintained in a secure offsite data center equipped with emergency power and data redundancy
  • Permission levels may be placed on employees’ ability to access data
  • If a portable device is lost or stolen, no data will be lost because nothing will reside on the physical device itself.

Additional Points of Interest

  • Through the hands-on nature of our services, we will rapidly gain institutional knowledge of both your firm and your firm’s IT requirements and be in a position from which to consistently maintain an uninterrupted, right-sized IT experience through the cloud
  • Additionally, it is important to note that we have extensive experience working with a variety of financial software products including:
    • Advent
    • AssetBook
    • Fidelity
    • Morningstar
    • Pershing
    • RedBlack
  • We can design, develop, deploy, and maintain Excel- and Access-based spreadsheets and databases built to handle specialized financial functions